oceanfront valentine’s


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My inimitable boyfriend surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a trip to Myrtle Beach, complete with a fabulous oceanfront room, multiple bottles of champagne, and a beautiful rose. That, plus walking down the empty beach at sunset with coffee cups full of bubbly and dinner at the hotel restaurant (my treat), just made this my new favorite holiday.

dog birthdays > everything

Our rescue baby, Noel, turned four years old at the end of January. I’m completely smitten with her and wanted our little princess to have a huge celebration.

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We’re not actually sure when her birthday is, or if she’s even four years old. The vet gave us their best guess, and I just go off of that. It doesn’t really matter, any excuse to celebrate my lovebug!


Noel played with her best doggy friends over the weekend to celebrate. Since weekdays are crazy for everyone, on her actual birthday she just got some homemade cake and a mini photoshoot. Which was totally for my benefit- she just puts up with me.


She might look photogenic, but it’s almost impossible to get photos of her that aren’t blurry. She’s too full of energy to sit there. I was shocked we got her to sit still with a cake right in front of her, to be totally honest.


Happy birthday to my beautiful rescue puppy! She is so full of life and love, and I can’t imagine her anywhere else but home with us.


Dog parties are the best parties.

excited to study?

So excited for what’s to come. The long nights of studying pharmacology and fundamentals of nursing, black coffee and early morning clinicals, my very own navy scrubs…and New York. I daydream about moving back constantly. Only two more years…

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sunshine + rosé

It’s not often that Corb and I are off of school and work at the same time. So when we do have time together when the sun is out, it’s off to the pool! Or the beach, but when you live right there, a 15 minute drive feels so far…

I just bought this cozy top from Francesca’s, and it totally put me in the mood for rosé. So we bought a bottle, broke out the sparkly glasses, and had a midweek pool party. It was definitely a highlight of my week, especially right before finals.

Here’s to almost being done with school (until summer classes)!

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I just became a rep for Pura Vida bracelets, which I’m SO stoked about. I got some free bracelets in the mail, including this rainbow one, but my collection is growing fast. Use my code for 20% off! It’s leahrocamora20.





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fragrance obsession

My perfume collection is small, but growing. I love a fragrance based on florals, but it’s got to have those musky undertones that give it some sex appeal.

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My perfumes sit on my grandmother’s silver tray, along with her engraved beauty tools. I keep a lot of her old silver items around my apartment, I think they’re so beautiful.

I recently purchased a small vial of the classic Chloé perfume, and it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed.

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A few of my friends have worn this perfume religiously, and now I’m a total convert. I absolutely love unexpectedly walking through a cloud of this fragrance when someone is wearing it out. It’s one of those familiar scents that just makes me happy.

Chloé is a white rose infusion, with hints of gardenia, magnolia, and a touch of bergamot. Once it touches my skin, the scent reminds me a tiny bit of sunscreen- but in the best way. I’ll definitely be buying the full bottle soon.


island living

So, I’m fully planning on moving to Hawaii at some point. My timeline is looking something like this: Finish nursing school down south, move back to NYC for a few years, and then relocate to O’ahu.


I’ll be tan year-round, make açaí and pitaya bowls for every meal, and have a bunch of white haired, bronze skinned babies who’ll learn how to surf and skate before they can walk. Good plan, right?


But I can’t decide which part of the island to move to. I mean, I need something specific to daydream about!


Downtown Honolulu?


The North Shore? (Which this photo isn’t of, haha. It’s from the top of Diamond Head.)


Or Kailua?

I have a few years to decide, I guess. What’s your fave part of Hawaii?


surfing in waikiki

I traveled to Hawaii earlier this month and totally fell in love with O’ahu. And spending an evening surfing in Waikiki was definitely a highlight.


After I graduated from college, I moved to a beach town and decided I wanted to learn how to surf. So this was a dream come true. And I gotta say, the East Coast is a little bit ruined for me now.


Waikiki had calm blue water, perfect breaks, and only a few patches of coral reef to crash into. The view was amazing, with Diamond Head rising up in the distance and a fringe of palm trees lining the shore.


And the sunset was unreal.


Dad and I took turns taking photos with a waterproof camera, and- surprise- a few of them actually turned out!


Now I need to get Corbin to visit with me so we can start planning our move. Alooooha.